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Portfolio: Lokibaho

(5.064 Ergebnisse)
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Busy Homeschool mother
Sailor is happy to be home
Senior couple looking at each other
Woman taking care of sick relative
African-American grandmother and granddaughter
Warp yarn sitting on Loom
Father in ASL
Daughter celebrating birthday with mother in wheelchair
Teen Girls bedtime prayers
Preparing to Cut Shelf Paper
Handwoven scarf next to red flowers
Pulling Warp Yarn through Heddles on a Weaving Loom
Rue Sous le Fort Old Quebec City Street
Joyful reunion with sailor
Two young Brothers smiling
Old Antique Bible on chair
Praying at his bedside
Female graduate in wheelchair with two young girls
Handwoven material
Delicate Handwoven material
Grandmother prays for granddaughter
Taking care of sick granddaughter
Praying for sick teenager
Family praying for sick girl
Smiling Young girl with Freckles and red hair
Senior man at his birthday party
University Sign Language Class
Mature couple signing I love you to each other
Woman Winner
Waiting Room
Mature woman looking at husband
Deaf Senior man finding nothing in the refrigerator.
Senior man looking in refrigerator
Close up of senior man gazing
Older man in wheelchair surrounded by friends
Female Chef Sharpens Her Knife
Assistant with Older man in wheelchair
African American mom and two sons
Father helping disabled daughter into wheelchair
Woman of African descent signing DAY
Proud graduate in wheelchair
Older man in wheelchair surrounded by family
Smiling older man in wheelchair
Unhappy older man
Young guy and senior man with walker
Mardi Gras beads and mask
Portrait of young African-American boy
Father helping disabled daughter
Portrait of African American brother and sister
Father helping disabled daughter stand
Happy young sisters
Senior man with younger woman
Father helping disabled daughter out of bed:
Smiling young girl
Mature woman in University Class
Young boy photo bombing brothers photo
Boy of African Descent in dress shirt
Two young boys of African Descent
Happy interracial couple
Happy brothers and sister
Helping daughter into wheelchair
Young girl dancing
Portrait of young African-American girl
Loving African-American mother and daughter
Granddaughter with sleeping grandmother
Happy father and daughter
Father with daughter in wheelchair
Woman next to the Montreal River
Teenager spending time with sick grandmother
Purple smoke swirls
Purple smoke swirls on black
Woman helping sick family member
Caregiver adjusting pillow
Older woman taking care of a sick person
Praying for sick older relative
Praying for sick woman in bed
Praying for sick woman
Family prays for sick man
Family members pray for sick grandmother
Family prays for sick woman
Praying for sick grandmother
Teenager prays for grandmother
Teen girl prays at grandmother's bed
Man resting in bed
Man asleep in bed
Middle aged woman sick in bed
Silhouette of B-1B Lancer
Weavers Needle in Arizona
Passengers using charging station in Indianapolis airport
Teenage girl with teddy bear in bed
Happy family with proud graduate in wheelchair
Father helping daughter in wheelchair
Defiant young girl
Smiling young girl outdoors
New graduate with friend
Portrait of middle-aged man
Teenage girl in bed
Teenager watching over sick grandmother
Man in wheelchair stopped by stairs
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