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Leuchtkasten: Judaism & Christianity

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Moses with the New Tablets
Promise to Abram
Jesus before Caiaphas
Jonah and the whale
Paul at the Areopagus in Athens
Abraham and Isaac
Paul and Tychicus
Paul and Tertius
Jesus and Martha
The twelve year old Jesus in the Temple
Rebuilding of Jerusalem
Last Supper
Parable of the Compassionate Father
Victory at the Red Sea
Assumption of the Virgin
First Council of Nicaea
Looting of Jerusalem
Jewish priests
Staint John the Baptist
Wedding at Cana
Persecution of Christians
St Michael Fighting the Dragon
Joseph making himself known
Washing of the Feet
Jesus' arrest
Christian martyrs
Hebrews in Egypt
Last Supper
Noah and dove
Bible manuscripts
Healing and Forgiving a Paralytic
Abraham and Isaac
Victory at the Red Sea
The Creation of Adam
Jesus in the synagogue
Jesus and Zacchaeus
Road to Calvary
Apostle Paul
Jesus is nailed to the cross
Victorian bible illustration The translation of Elijah
Victorian bible illustration David is anointed King at Hebron
Victorian bible illustration Gideons's gift consumed by fire
Victorian bible illustration Joshua and Captain of the Lords hos
The prodigal son
Victorian bible illustration: Haman before Queen Esther
Victorian bible illustration Walls of Jericho fall Priests blow
Victorian bible illustration Nehemiah rebuilds wall of Jerusalem
Jacob and the Angel
Abraham's Faith in God
Moses overcomes Amalek
The Offerings of Cain and Abel
Moses and the Brazen Serpent
I am a King
Death of the Frstborn
Pharisee and Tax Collector
Great Banquet
The Last Supper
Birth Announcement
Paul and his Roman citizenship
Aaron before the altar
Victory over the Amalekites
Judas Iskariot
David and Goliath
All is vanity
Samuel Anoints Saul
Saul's conversion
Sermon on the Mount
Adam and Eve cast out of Paradise
Seventh Blow
Song of Solomon
Isaiah looks the Lord
Ecce Homo
Sermon on the Mount
Moses and the burning bush
Paying Taxes to Caesar
Shaphan before Josiah
Jacob Wrestles with God
Bondage in Egypt
Isaiah before Hezekiah
Spies’ Reports
Jesus and the Samaritan woman
Nehemiah asks Artaxerxes
Judas - The Maccabees
The Grateful Leper
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